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JWELL-MFH-PE110 Automatic Servo Series High-speed Energy-saving Pipe Extrusion Line

Time: 2024-01-08 Hits: 4

Jwell Pipe Equipment Technology Co., LTD is another important development strategy center and high-end pipeline equipment manufacturing base of Jwell Machinery. The equipment has advantages of high output, low energy consumption, good melt homogeneity and long-term stability. Which provide a perfect overall system solution in terms of how to save raw materials, improve the degree of automation, ensure high yield, high quality precision extrusion and highly competitive products tailored for users. Today, let’s  take a look at PE110 high-speed energy-saving pipe production line.


As shown in the above picture, the equipment is demonstrated in the workshop: the 60/40 high-efficiency single-screw extruder is used to produce pipes with a diameter of 25mm, the wall thickness is 2.3mm, the line speed is 30m/min, and the output is 306kg/h (7.3 tons /24 hours).


The groove feeding bottom sleeve barrel, 40 L/D BM plus barrier mixing structure screw phase combination design, can obtain high capacity of polyolefin materials and high pipe quality, the choice of carbide coating screw and bimetal barrel to ensure long-term and reliable use under high efficiency.

High precision Weight gravimetric system, using imported components, control precision is higher and more stable, to ensure that the material can be evenly into the extruder, the pipe wall thickness standard, uniform, reduce the waste of raw materials.

The control system adopts SIEMENS-S7-1200 PLC, which can realize the automatic control of the whole production line from the extruder to the auxiliary machine. The latest intelligent distributed control scheme, equipment energy consumption display (ton output) and other information.


The unique frequency conversion vacuum automatic control device perfectly solves the noise, energy saving and ensures the stability of the product size. The haul off unit equipped with servo motor drive ensures wide traction range, high precision synchronous operation and adopts digital host communication interface.


Equipped with automatic packing, automatic unwinding, automatic transfer to the unloading work area function, the action is in turn rewinding, cutting, winding, packing, unwinding, conveying, work from beginning to end without stopping, improve efficiency, save labor.
All units and control systems in the pipe production line are designed to maintain consistently high product quality while minimizing material consumption. We are a professional manufacturer of high speed energy-saving pipe extrusion line.

A set of excellent quality and perfect pipe extrusion production line is not only the assembly and combination of mechanical and electrical components, but also the crystallization of technical personnel and management personnel. Jwell Pipe Equipment Technology Co., LTD takes technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises, and improves the automatic production capacity of pipe extrusion equipment, so that products are in stable, real-time, online and uninterrupted monitoring, so that plastic pipe manufacturers can obtain high-quality, high-efficiency and high-profit products.