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BKWELL Blow Molding Machine Household Daily Chemical Series

Time: 2022-11-29 Hits: 22

The milk bottles, juice bottles, soy sauce bottles, rice wine jugs we see every day, including watering cans , shampoo , laundry detergent bottles and other care packages are all produced by blow molding machine.


Feature and advantages
● Optional pearl layer co-extrusion extrusion system.
● According to the size of the product, choose a multi-die extrusion system.
● According to the raw material situation, JW-DB plate type single station hydraulic screen changing system can be selected
● Optional online deflating, online flash conveying, online finished product conveying, etc.

B K WELL will offer clients die heads with smooth extrusion, careful design, precise processing and good after-sale service. In order to meet different demands of the polymer materials, different layer structures and other special demands, all the die heads are designed by modern three-dimensional designing software. so, the channel of thermo-plastics is the best one for the customers