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BKWELL Automobile Industry Series Hollow Molding Machine

Time: 2021-07-21 Hits: 41

Automotive industry series of hollow molding machine, used in the production of various automotive supplies and auto parts, automotive duct, guide plate, bumper, tail fin, bus seats, cooling water tank and various specifications of the machine oil can and other products. 


Suitable for the production of various specifications of car urea box, car kit, car seats, air duct duct, guide plate, bumper, tail and other products;  

High output extrusion system, storage type die head;  

According to the raw material, can be equipped with JW-DB plate type single position hydraulic network change system;  

Can be customized according to the size of the product template size;  

Optional hydraulic servo control system;  

Optional under the package seal, manipulator;  


When the hollow blow molding machine is started up, the following points should be noted:  

(1) According to the requirements of the process conditions, set the temperature of the extruder head and each heating section and carry out heating to reach the set temperature.  

(2) Start at low speed, check whether the screw, ammeter and pressure are abnormal, and avoid cold startup by all means.  

(3) When each part reaches the set temperature, check and tighten the bolts at the joints of the machine head to prevent material leakage.  

(4) Gradually a small amount of feeding, until the billet extrusion is normal, the control device display values meet the process requirements, can improve the screw speed to the process requirements.  

Add a large number of materials to adjust the thickness of the billet.  

⑥ After the extrusion of the blank is stable, it enters normal operation.