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BKWELL Blow Molding Machine Household Chemical Series

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We see daily milk, juice bottles, soy sauce, yellow wine bottles, including sprinkler bottles, shampoo, laundry liquid bottles and other washing packaging are produced by hollow blow molding machine.  
29bd2029-86f1-4c04-983e-27ebc9ef180ePerformance and advantages:  
Optional pearlescent co-extrusion system  
According to the size of the product, the selection of multi-die extrusion system  
According to the raw material, can be equipped with JW-DB plate type single position hydraulic network change system  
Optional online to fly, online fly conveyor, online finished product delivery, etc

Bakewell provides well-designed, precision machining and attentive service in order to provide customers with a set of extruded and stable nose systems.  To meet different polymer materials, different layers and other special requirements, the use of international advanced 3D design software, to ensure the best flow channel design.