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BKWELL Transportation Series Hollow Molding Machine

Time: 2021-07-21 Hits: 33

Plastic pallets, logistics insulation barrels, IBC containers, etc., play a huge role in the logistics transportation, logistics packaging industry.  We mentioned the plastic tray, light weight, high load-bearing, wear resistance and other characteristics for the enterprise to create greater value.  Bakewell can supply the corresponding hollow moulding machine, including the anti-collision bucket and isolation pier on the traffic road.  


Performance and advantages:  
Suitable for different kinds of blow molding pallets and other products.  
Optional sealing, product ejection, core pulling and other actions.  
Adopt high output extrusion system, storage type die head.  
Optional hydraulic servo control system.  

Wall thickness control system  
Siemens man-machine operation screen man-machine operation control screen, the entire text and text display setting, search, change, storage, fault display machine control directly, simple operation, convenient and free.  
Befold original man-machine interface and embryo control system, 300 point adjustable embryo wall thickness control.  
Moog standard 100-point embryo wall thickness control system is adopted, with independent oil source and high control precision.  

Extrusion, nose system  
Extrusion system screw, barrel using brand, with high output, good plasticizing, high hardness and high wear resistance and other advantages;  Equipped with plastic extruding special hard tooth gear box.  JWELL provides customers with a variety of stable single-layer/multi-layer continuous, storage head, to meet customers' special requirements of different polymer materials, different layers.