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PLA/PET Environmental Packaging Sheet Extrusion Line

Time: 2023-05-06 Hits: 12

Poly (lactic acid)(PLA) is a new kind of biodegradable material, which is made of starch from renewable plant resources, such as corn, cassava, etc. . The starch was saccharified to get glucose, then the glucose and certain strains were fermented to produce high purity lactic acid, and then some molecular weight polylactic acid was synthesized by chemical synthesis. With good biodegradability, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the nature under certain conditions, and finally produce carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the environment, which is very beneficial to protect the environment and is recognized as environment-friendly material.

Used in PET and PLA sheet production, reduce the energy consumption of pre-crystallization drying, and suitable for secondary material production, with high yield, low energy consumption, excellent plasticization characteristics. The screw is a building block structure, multi-component, wide application range, not only suitable for the production of PET, but also suitable for all biodegradable PLA, starch-based degradation materials.


PLA/PET environmental packaging sheet extrusion line is mainly composed of flat double extruder, screen changer, Metering Pump, die, three rollers, cooling bracket, traction, winding and so on. The extruder adopts a new type of co-directional flat double, which features low energy consumption, simple process and convenient maintenance of the equipment. Its unique screw combination structure minimizes the viscosity drop of PET resin, and the symmetrical thin-walled roller improves the cooling efficiency as well as the productivity and sheet quality, the multi-component feeding device can reasonably control the proportion of new material, return material, color masterbatch, etc. . The Electric System adopts Siemens system, which has the characteristics of simple operation, high automation and cost saving.

Double vacuum exhaust is arranged on the machine barrel to ensure the water and gas to be fully discharged.

The extruder is equipped with a melt metering pump for constant pressure output, and set up a closed-loop automatic control of pressure and speed.
The whole machine is controlled by PLC to realize the automatic control of parameter setting, data operation, feedback and alarm.

The new non-drying three-discharge PET extrusion line (no need of crystallization dehumidification drying system) is a high-quality PET and PLA sheet production line developed by the company.


Product uses: Excellent Processing, transparency, barrier and non-toxic tasteless pollution, easy to recycle and so on.

Vacuum forming: Food Packaging, Toy Box, Stationery Box, gift box, hand tools and hardware packaging.

Barrier Purpose: electronic parts packaging.

General Purpose: folding molding, ready-made shirt collar, decorative materials, folder, document cover.

Special uses: Medical Equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial corrosion protection, microwave oven baking tray.