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What is the Difference Between Blow Molding and Injection Molding Pallets?

Time: 2023-05-06 Hits: 17

Blow molding pallet is hot products this year. What's is it? What's the advantage of Blow molding pallet. Let's know more.

Types of pallets according to material:
◆ Wooden pallets
◆ Steel pallets
◆ Plastic pallets

The plastic pallets have two types:
■ Injection pallets
■ Blow Molded Pallets

Plastic blow molding pallets, different types according to application:
● Single-sided nine-corner pallets
● Double-sided pallets
● Turnover box cover


Wooden pallets
Wooden pallets are made of wood or bamboo materials.
The specifications of wooden pallets are complex. The current specifications are mainly customized by the user according to the specifications of their own products.


Steel pallets
Steel pallets are generally made of stainless steel, which are mostly used for placing items which do not move frequently.
There are not many specifications of steel pallets, concentrated in 2-3 dimensions, which are mainly used in ports and docks that require relatively high load-bearing weight of pallets.


Plastic pallets
Plastic pallets are mostly used in the service industry due to their lighter texture, convenient use and non-slip function. There are many types of plastic pallets.The investment of injection molding pallet equipment & mold are relatively high.Blow molding pallet equipment investment & mold costs are lower.


The advantages and disadvantages of blow molded pallets and injection molded pallets:

Ⅰ. Equipment investment: For example, 1000*1200*150mm nine-corner pallets, injection molding machines & molds equipment are about 4 million RMB; blow molding machines & molds are invested about 1.5 million RMB.

Ⅱ. Raw materials requirement: injection molding machines do not request high standard materials, recycled materials and additives can be added; blow molding machines require high level raw materials, need to use crushed recycled materials or pelletized materials.

Ⅲ.  Manual input: Since the blow molding pallets produces full flash, the flash of each product (about 40-50% of the total weight of the product) needs to be trimmed.


Ⅳ. Production efficiency: For example, 1000*1200*150mm 10KG nine-corner pallets, the cycle time of one blow molding pallet is 120-140 S, and the time for one injection pallet is 140-160 seconds.

Ⅴ. Due to the extrusion process, the blow-molded pallets has good toughness and a longer life span than the injection molded pallets during use. The rigidity of blow-molded pallets products is lower. Although the rigidity of the blow-molded pallets can be improved by adding reinforcing agents.


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