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1600mm width PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Production Line

Port: Shanghai, China
International Commercial Terms(Incoterms): FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
Terms of Payment: LC, T/T
Certification: CE, ISO, UL, QS, GMP
Warranty: 1 Year
Average Lead Time: Peak season lead time: 3-6 months, Off season lead time: 1-3 months

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JWM series PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Production Line is used for melt spinning of PET, PA6, PA66, PP chips.

The precision of screw and barrel is higher after professional processing, and equipped high precision bevel-teeth gearbox, operating stability, lowest noise.

Assemble a strong push bearing in ord to guarantee to bear huge axle power, and be able to select to equip imported high-speed bearing and seal parts.

PP Melt-Blown Nonwoven Fabric Production Line Overview

The PP Melt-blown Nonwoven Fabric Production line uses polypropylene melt-blown raw materials as the main raw material, supplemented with additives such as electrostatic auxiliary masterbatch and color masterbatch, to produce polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven fabrics with different colors, different properties and suitable for different uses.


Conditions of usage380V/3P/50Hz
Products applicationMelt Blown Filtration Material, Facial Mask Filtration Materials
Raw MaterialPP chips (special materials for melt-blown) MFI=1200~1800 g/min Recommended 1500g/min
Product widthWidth: 1600mm
Product gram weight range25-80g/ m2
Extrusion capacity1–1.5 tons/24 hours, as the product gram weight changes, the production line capacity changes accordingly
Max. mechanical speed0-50m/min
Fiber fineness2-5μm
Installed powerAbout 560KW

PP Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric Production Line

PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Production Line includes raw material input, raw material dryer, extruder, screen changer, metering pump, die (single, composite), distribution plate, spinneret, netting device, winding device Wait.
The actual production process of melt-blown cloth is relatively complicated, involving many disciplines such as polymer science, fluid mechanics, airflow, spinning science, etc., and the requirements for equipment manufacturing are also high. The key is the complete set of production equipment for melt-blown cloth.

PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Production Line Core Component

● Die System
The die system of the melt-blown die assembly is composed of a bottom plate, a spinneret, an air plate, and a heating element. The uniformity of melt-blown products is closely related to the die head, but the processing accuracy of the melt-blown die head is very high, and the manufacturing cost of the die head is expensive.

● Spinneret
The spinneret is the extrusion die for the production of melt-blown cloth.
The spinneret mold is a precision mold. The thickness of the melt-blown cloth depends on the spinneret. The precision of the mold cannot be reached, and the sprayed wire is too thick to achieve the barrier effect.

● Spinneret Nozzle
The production of spinneret nozzles is difficult. This kind of nozzle is small in size, and it is necessary to process a complex hole on the small nozzle, which is extremely difficult to process and takes a long time to process.
If the processing accuracy is not high, it is easy to cause blockage or affect the melt-blown flow rate and form crystallization, and the final melt-blown cloth produced will not meet the requirements.

● Melt Blown Air Heater
The air heater is one of the main equipment in the melt-blown production process because a large amount of high temperature and clean air is required in the melt-blown process.
The air heater heats the air delivered by the Roots blower or air compressor to a specified temperature and then delivers it to the melt-blown die. It is not enough to rely on the small holes of the spinneret, and it needs to be stretched by the wind.
The air heater is a pressure vessel, and at the same time it must resist the oxidation of high-temperature air, so the material must be stainless steel.

When selecting a heater for PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Production Line, you should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The air needs to be clean during the processing. First, the air source input to the air heater should be clean and dry, and the material of the part in contact with the air in the heater must be at least SUS304 grade;
2. Because the air source in the normal process is provided by an air compressor or a Roots blower, the air heater should be a ducted heater with pressure bearing capacity;
3. The heater selection should consider in detail factors such as air volume, temperature difference, and heat loss during pipeline transportation;
4. The melt-blown process requires higher temperature control accuracy of the air heater. In terms of temperature control, a module with higher temperature control accuracy should be selected, and the specific surface temperature difference is large, which affects the stability of the air temperature.

● Melt Metering Pump
The melt metering pump is a positive displacement conveying device, and the flow rate is strictly proportional to the speed of the pump.
The melt metering pump is used for precise metering, controlling the output and the fineness of the fiber, and continuously and uniformly transporting the melt to the spinneret. Melt blown cloth metering pump has the advantages of stable output pressure, improving product quality, increasing extrusion output, and reducing unit energy consumption.

● Screen Changer
The main function of the special screen changer for melt-blown cloth is to filter out the impurities in the melt, so as not to block the spinneret holes.
The special screen changer for melt-blown cloth is composed of the main body, a sealing component, a porous plate, a filter screen, and a switching device. The main body of the melt-blown cloth screen changer is made of special alloy materials through strict forging, surface heat treatment, and precise metal processing.
The machine requirement of melt-blown material is to change the screen continuously. Generally, a double-station screen changer is used, and different screws are matched with metering pumps of different specifications.

● Electret Equipment
Electret equipment is to increases filtration efficiency and reduces filtration resistance. The equipment consists of three parts, the generator host, the step-up transformer, and the electret processing frame.

Equipment List

Automatic Dosing & Feeding Unit1 unit
Screw Extruder1 unit
Screen Changer1 unit
Metering Pump1 unit
Melt Distribution Pipes1 unit
Die Assembly
1 unit
Heated Air System1 unit
Air Heat1 unit
Exhaust/Suction Fan Blower1 unit
Connecting Air Duct1 unit
Web-forming Collector1 unit
Electret Processing Equipment2 unit
Winder1 unit
Electric Control System1 unit
Spare partsSeveral

Spare Part

Extruder Heating Ring1 pieces
Thermal Couple5 pieces
Screw Dismantling Tools1 pieces
Solenoid Valve2 pieces
Contactor2 pieces
Relay2 pieces
Air Switch2 pieces
Screen changer Heating rod6 pieces
Metering heating rod4 pieces
Knifes10 pieces



PP Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric Production Line Applications





Screw diameter (mm)Specification model (L/D)Screw speed (rpm)Transmission power (Kw)Heating power (Kw)Heating zoneHeating voltage (V)Center height (mm)Weight (t)

Competitive Advantage

● The hot-rolling machine selects and uses high-quality alloy steel.

● The steel structure of the wall goes through heat treatment and careful treatment.

● Linear speed is adjustable isochronously.

● Independent oil-heating system.

● Calendar drive style: one motor with one roller or one motor with two rollers.

● Crossing of roller central line can be adjusted both manually and electrically increasing calendar radian.

● Calendar max line pressure:150kg/cm2.

● The latest hydraulic pressure stretch bending technique compensates central height.

● Roller bearing, equip lubrication cooling station.