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Medical Multifunctional Thermostat

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JWHW multi-functional desktop thermostat adopts refrigeration, heating two-way constant temperature mode, the tempera-ture is controlled between 2-48℃, can be arbitrarily set the required value, the temperature difference is controlled in the range of 0.5℃ precision.It is especially suitable for medical and health care, food chemical industry, scientific research and environ-mental protection and other temperature-sensitive drug reagents, blood products, experimental materials and other use occa-sions.
The medical incubator can also be used as a refrigerating freezer thawing and heating box.Adopts variable power of the PTC heating components, through professional control system, are to be unfrozen content of warming process monitoring, effective control of heating speed, to ensure that the storage of goods from the impact of high temperature difference, prevent need be unfrozen tissue cell components in the process of heating up big changes, the maximum guarantee the original quality goods.

Competitive Advantage

● Microcomputer control system, digital display of temperature, to ensure accurate and stable operation.
● Precise temperature control, the accuracy reaches 0.5℃.
● Reasonable refrigeration layout to ensure that the temperature inside the box is stable in the range of 2-48℃.
● Password protection to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters.
● Built-in LED energy-saving light, open the door automatically light/extinguish, convenient to observe the goods in the box.
● Universal caster design, independent leveling feet, convenient for users to move equipment.
● Height adjustable shelf design, suitable for storing items of different heights.
● With alarm function, high and low temperature in the box/sensor fault/power off/open and close the door abnormal.