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Multifunctional electric wheelchair

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● Specification: 670*1050*510/900mm;
● Structure: consists of four parts: wheelchair frame, wheel, brake device and seat; the overall design is foldable;
● Material: plastic steel structure;
● Wheels: The diameter of the big wheel is 560mm, and the solid rubber tires can walk faster on flat ground and are not easy to blast;
● The seat cushion and backrest are all wrapped in mesh cloth, with good air permeability; the wheelchair is equipped with 2 high-quality PU leather armrests;
● The hand wheel is unique to the wheelchair and is directly pushed by the patient;
● Both sides of the wheelchair are equipped with manual brake devices, which use the principle of lever to realize the braking function;
● The leg supports are separated on both sides, and the height of the leg supports is moderate to achieve a comfortable effect;