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Advantages of large multi-layer blow molding machine

November 29,2022

Large-scale multi-layer blow molding machines are emerging in the market one after another, and good-quality blow molding machines are inseparable from the technical qualifications and rich experience of the production equipment manufacturers. Today, I will list three advantages of large-scale multi-layer blow molding machine and share them with you.

First, structural advantages of large multi-layer blow molding machines

1. The products produced by this technology have better quality, higher strength, more stable performance and longer service life.
2. Multi-layer multi-functional structure will improve production efficiency.
3 multi-layer blow molding machine products have a high degree of chemical resistance, prevent the penetration of harmful substances and gases, and have pressure resistance, etc.
4. The surface of the equipment is smooth, which not only has good heat resistance but also prevents surface scratches
5. Low filling cost, recyclable and cost saving.

Secondly, the technical advantages of large multi-layer blow molding machines

1. Using foam layer technology, the wall thickness of the produced product is more uniform and stable, and the service life of the product is extended and more durable.
2. Electromagnetic induction heater, blow molding machine die head and extruder adopt electromagnetic induction heater, heating more evenly, shortening heating time, saving 40%-50%, improving the surface temperature of blow molding machine equipment and saving cooling cost.
3. Servo motor, clamping system adopts servo motor, stable speed, high efficiency, 40% energy saving, low noise
4. Remote service,BKWELL blow molding machine is equipped with an accurate controller, which can check the machine’s running conditions, cycle times, output, etc., which is convenient for the operator to check the machine failure and accurately judge the machine problem.
5. Multi-layer co-extrusion head, multi-layer co-extrusion head is often designed as a split type, the shell of the head is composed of several flange-type outer molds, and the inner film is composed of several cores, all of which have been precisely processed. The head runner is also chrome-plated and polished to reduce the flow resistance of plastic melt. Bakewell’s blow molding machine die head adopts advanced multi-layer die head design, which can produce 1-3 layer blow molding products, etc., all of which reflect the advantages of large multi-layer blow molding machines

Finally, the service advantages of large multi-layer blow molding machine
The advantage of the large-scale multi-layer blow molding machine is that it can customize the blow molding machine according to the different requirements of customers to meet the needs of different customers, and there will be more choices to achieve the desired of customers need.

The above introduces the advantages of large-scale multi-layer blow molding machines. I believe that everyone already knows about multi-layer blow molding machine. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to our website. We will continue to share information about blow molding machines in near the future.