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How to distinguish between continuous blow molding machine and accumulator blow molding machine?

April 30,2022

The blow molding machine is widely used in national industrial production, and its head is divided into two types:

 continuous blow molding machine and storage blow molding machine. The main function of the die head is to uniformly extrude the melted plastic in a shape to facilitate blow molding; the second is to control the wall thickness of the parison by a hydraulic method, mainly by moving the servo proportional valve up and down. Control the size of the die opening, thereby controlling the wall thickness of the parison.

Continuous blow molding machine refers to a continuous parison die for blow molding machines with higher surface quality and various colors.

The continuous parison die includes: an upper cylinder, a lower cylinder, and a split core. The upper end of the split core is fixedly arranged on the upper cylinder, and the outer wall of the split core and the inner wall of the upper and lower cylinders are set together. There are a plurality of feeding channels, which are respectively communicated with a plurality of feeding ports, and the split core is provided with a second extrusion part near each feeding port.

The accumulator blow molding machine refers to the die head of the fully automatic accumulator blow molding machine.

The overall structure of the die head of the storage type blow molding machine adopts the storage cylinder type die head. The design of the flow channel follows the principle of first-in, first-out. The die head is equipped with an imported control system to control the thickness of the product. The heating method adopts stainless steel heating ring, and the temperature control adopts automatic temperature controller. The main parts of the die head are made of high quality nitrided steel, and the surface is nitrided. Make sure that the runner part is smooth and the hardness of the surface is guaranteed.

Its mold clamping device is a patented dual-tie rod hydraulic bidirectional synchronous fixed mold opening and closing mechanism for the mold opening and closing system, which is convenient for product removal and mold replacement, and is suitable for the production of large scale products.

The die head of the storage type blow molding machine can meet the processing technology needs of different products, and adapt to the process requirements of different plastic raw materials and materials. It can more accurately control the processing and production of multi-layer plastic products, precisely control the wall thickness of each layer of parison, ensure the quality of multi-layer products, and greatly improve production efficiency.

Due to the different shapes and requirements of the products produced, the structure of the blow molding machine is also different. If you want to produce large-volume and high-capacity products, you need to use a storage-type blow molding machine. Because the production cycle of a product is long, the material will be in the screw for a long time. The storage-type blow molding machine can meet the raw material demand of the product. . If you are making small parts, and the hourly output cannot consume the maximum hourly extrusion amount, it is better to use a continuous blow molding machine, which is not only efficient, but also does not waste material.

The difference between them is that the storage type uses the motor to extrude material at intervals, and squeezes once in a product cycle; the continuous extrusion type uses the motor to continuously extrude material, which makes the colors of the extruded plastic products more diverse, and the materials are not easily mixed.

Compared with the prior art, the continuous parison die has the advantages of higher surface quality and more diverse products.