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How to make blow molding machine energy saving and environmental protection?

July 01,2022

With the improvement and development of blow molding technology, blow molding technology has been widely used, and blow molding products have become more and more common. Although the performance and quality of blow molding machines are key factors that need to be prioritized, as technology advances, people have new requirements for blow molding machines.

That is, the energy saving and environmental protection of the blow molding machine. This factor is not only a requirement of the blow molding industry, but also a requirement of many other industries. This article will take you to understand how to make blow molding machines energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

What aspects of energy saving and environmental protection are embodied in blow molding machines ?

As the saying goes, practice brings true knowledge.

This needs to be understood from customers who use blow molding machines. After using the blow molding machine, customers will know where they want the blow molding machine to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

We learned from some customer feedback that the energy saving and environmental protection that customers want mainly includes two aspects:

It is the blow molding machine that saves materials and low energy consumption

Customers hope that on the basis of ensuring the quality of blow-molded products, the same material can produce more products; at the same time, in the process of production, energy can be saved to a large extent, so that the best use can be achieved. Ultimately achieve the purpose of saving production costs.

So how to save raw materials and reduce energy consumption?

The following content will give you the answer.

Start by saving raw materials.

plastic blow molding machine is special equipment for producing plastic containers by extrusion blow molding process.

Because blow molding products have a high degree of integrity, good comprehensive performance, high added value, and low cost, most plastic products are obtained by extrusion blow molding.

In order to save raw materials, some manufacturers of blow molding products will add some inferior or secondary raw materials to the raw materials. Such an approach is clearly wrong. The quality of the products produced by this method will inevitably fail to meet the qualified product standards.

In the production process, inferior raw materials cannot be used. However, secondary raw materials are possible, but they are not directly mixed into the raw materials. It needs to be done through technology.

Bekwell’s new technology, the multi-layer die technology, solves this problem very well.

In simple terms, the multi-layer die technology is to use raw materials on the outer and inner layers of the blow-molded product, and use high-quality secondary raw materials in the middle.

This not only saves raw materials, but also makes full use of secondary raw materials and saves costs.

The multi-layer die design makes the production efficiency of the blow molding machine 5 times higher than that of the traditional blow molding machine, and the utilization rate of recycled materials is increased by 4 times.

At the same time, it supports the production of various blow molding products from 1 layer to 6 layers, up to 10 layers.

In addition to saving raw materials, it can also ensure a more uniform and stable wall thickness.

Below is a solution regarding energy consumption.

Energy consumption is mainly related to blow molding machine accessories and auxiliary machines.

So to reduce energy consumption, you need to find the problem from the inside of the blow molding machine.

Bekwell chooses accessories with good performance, low energy consumption and high efficiency when producing blow molding machines.

The following is an example we use in production.

1. The energy-saving IKV screw makes its plasticizing capacity about 1.5 times faster than that of ordinary screws.

2. As the main clamping device, the servo system can save energy by more than 40%.

3. Energy-saving heater saves energy by more than 30%.

4. Innovative die head design, reliable electromagnetic induction heating system, reduce heating time, accurate temperature control, high efficiency and energy saving, improve work efficiency, can save energy by 30%-50%.