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How to select a Blow Moulding Machine

January 13,2022

The reputation of the bottle manufacturing machine manufacturer you do business with has a lot to do with the quality of the equipment it sells. The right company takes great pride in offering its customers top-of-the-line products at a competitive price. Buying a plastic bottle manufacturing machine can be a nerve-racking experience for fresh entrepreneurs.
There are countless specification, capability and price factors to be considered. We sets out to help anyone who wants to buy ablow molding machinebut does not know where to start. If you are in the market for a blow molding machine, the following checklist will help you with the selection process.

While selecting a manufacturer you should consider:

●Experience and Knowledge– When talking to a plasticblow moulding machinemanufacturer, you want to feel 100 per cent confident the representative has extensive knowledge about each specific product. Especially if you have never purchased this type of equipment before, you will have a lot of questions. Make sure you identify a company that understands the industry and knows its product line. The manufacturer should be mature enough with great experience and expertise like Bekwell hype blow moulding machines.
●Capabilities– Also on the checklist is a manufacturer’s capabilities. In other words, select a company that has equipment specific to your needs. Because of the unique differences of one extrusion blowing machine to another, you must do business with a company that can accommodate you. When looking at manufacturers, you should consider both your current and future needs. That way, you can establish a business relationship with one source regardless of the required equipment for your operations.
●Qualifications– You need to know the company you choose has the right qualifications, including having a team of designers, engineers, and various other technical experts. Since those individuals play a critical role in the development of the equipment, their expertise is crucial. Even the sales team should have expertise in the blow molding industry.
●Advanced Design– Both the type and quality of machines differ among EBM blow machine manufacturers. Instead of ending up with outdated equipment, work with a company that sells the most advanced designs. With that, the machinery will operate flawlessly, producing superior quality products fast and efficiently.
●Customer Support– There are not enough words to express how important it is to conduct business with a manufacturer that has professional and dedicated support staff. When you have a question or an issue arises, you want to know that someone will contact you quickly. Especially if a machine becomes inoperable, downtime affects production and consequently, generated revenue.
●Different Brands– Something else to add to your checklist when researching manufacturers of the plastic bottle blow molding machine offers the top brands. Although there are many possibilities, working with a company that sells all sorts of material products is to your advantage. Always be aware of non-branded machines and replica manufacturers as they do sell the machine at cheap prices but are short term machines.
●Superior Quality Machines– Checking the safety and technology performance and if there is any abrasion or damage on the machine appearance in the machine-testing. Quality itself is in two sections – machine built quality & product (container) quality. The product quality depends on your end-user. The machine built quality affects the maintenance cost and breakdown cost of the plant. Not all double station blow molding machine manufacturers are the same. Unfortunately, some make strong claims yet fail to deliver. At Bekwell, we provide our customers with state-of-the-art equipment. We also stand behind every product sold. 
●High-Cost Performance– This is a key point of hypeblow molding machineselection. We choose machines not to ignore product performance to save money. You’d better choose one with high-cost performance. Many customers feel a heartbeat at the sight of low prices. The result shows that most of them suffer losses. Because the supplier channel is different, the supplier is good, of course, the cost will be high. But you’ll save trouble because the machine has less trouble, more power saving. You spend less energy on the machine. In the long run, you’ll save money.
●After-Sale Service– You need to know the after-sale service offered by the supplier. This will guarantee your benefits, avoiding unnecessary losses and effects. An after-sales clerk can finish all operations of installation and debug. We also provide door–to–door service if you need it. Perfect after-sale service can reduce the losses as far as possible and get a professional solution.
●A Good Mold Manufacturer– For any plastic molding project, the mold building is the most expensive and time-consuming part of it. It does not allow you to try and see. This means you must choose the right mold manufacturer from the beginning, otherwise, it will be too costly to change suppliers later. There are numerous amount of mold manufacturers, some are big with a lot of manufacturing capabilities, some are one-man shops that only do simple machining and final assembly in house. However, this is not very important, compared to other manufacturing, the personal knowledge and experience of the mold maker play a more important role in mold making.

While Selecting a machine you should consider:

● What product I’m going to run on the machine? 
I should know the exact requirements about the size, capacity, shape, weight, average output, etc of the product that I wish to produce, I shall offer this information to the supplier and they can provide me with the economic efficiency blow molding machine China selection plan. This is a pretty good choice. I will better have a certain relevant knowledge reserve before selecting a machine. It’s convenient to make a rational judgment according to my actual situation. The most important spec is the mold size of the machine. The range of products I want to produce should be matching the model. For this, I have to refer to the maximum mold size mentioned in the machine specification chart.
● What is my desired production? 
First I need to know my production requirement, then I have to find out whether I need a Single station or Double station machine. Later, I have to analyse, if at a time only one product needs to be produced or more i.e no. of cavities such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 for huge productions. Estimating that my production capacity is required like containers per month and cross-check with the machine supplier whether this can be met. It is advisable to keep a 25% extra capacity. Considering my production, the OEM will suggest to me the extruder size, plasticizing capacity and possible cycle time of the machine.
● How much I’m going to spend on electric consumption?
According to my product and production, the machine which I’m selecting should be economic in power consumption. For additional power-saving, I must ask OEM for additional features for it.
● Do I need a continuous or accumulator die head?
Depending on my product I must see whether I have to go for continuous or accumulator parison die head. 
Do I need auto deflashing or not?
Here the product is automatically deflashed or trimmed in the attachment of the machine. A fully ready container will come out of the machine. If the deflashing option is not present, every product (container, bottle etc) have to be trimmed by an operator manually. So, I guess auto deflashing saves a lot of time.
● Does my product need a gage controller?
● Gage control is to remove the thickness of t
● He control blank, which can make the product wall thickness uniform and improve product quality

● Which PLC will be best for me?
To have a good knowledge of automation, first I need to know which PLC will be best for my use. The machine automation can be done by a PLC control or by a wired relay logic (this become outdated because of the limitations and bulkiness of the control panel). The PLC control has a very wide range of options available. This can be from ordinary custom-built microprocessor controllers to industrial-grade established control systems like SIMENS, B&R, Beckhoff and so on. While selecting a PLC I must see what new features the OEM offers and the advantages of it as well.
● What additional features will I need for my product?
I need to know what other things are important for the machine. Selection of auxiliary like an air compressor, scrap grinder, the cooling system, molds etc.
That’s all.
In a word, we must avoid being blind when we make hdpe bottle blowing machine selection. Must base on actual production requirements. Measure and think about it prudently. Thus, reduce the cost and expand benefits. At Central machinery & plastic products, we help you to select the best CMP blow molding machines so that you get the best out of your investments.