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Is the production process of the blow molding machine environmentally friendly

February 18,2022

As a large-scale hollow plastic product production equipment, the hollow blow molding machine is widely used in industry, chemical industry, daily life and other fields. So, many people want to know, is the production process of a hollow blow molding machine environmentally friendly? Will it produce other harmful substances or pollute the environment during the production of plastic products? The editor of Yankang will answer.
As for whether the production process of the hollow blow molding machine is environmentally friendly, the answer is yes, and everyone can use it with confidence.

Why is the production process of the hollow blow molding machine environmentally friendly?

The entire production process is closed, not only will no other substances or gases enter the air, but also a good working environment for the operators;
• Hollow blow molding machines generally use HDPE, PE and other materials that meet environmental protection requirements as raw materials for production. Although the production process has to go through a series of operations such as high temperature, heating, melting, low temperature, and high pressure, it still does not produce other harmful substances. And these materials are generally recyclable.
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One of the auxiliary machines equipped with the BECKWELL blow molding machine, the plastic shredder, can smash the excess waste into granular rubber particles for production.
• At present, most domestic hollow blow molding machine manufacturers take energy-saving innovation as the design concept. Energy-saving and reducing energy consumption are also an aspect of achieving environmental protection. Therefore, the hollow blow molding machines produced by most manufacturers have achieved good energy-saving effects, but different manufacturers may use different technologies, so the energy-saving effects achieved are also different.
The technicians of BECKWELL hollow blow molding machine have made relevant technological innovations for the motors and heaters that consume more energy in the machine. While most of the machines are still using traditional motors and heaters, Yankang’s hollow blow molding machines use servo motors and induction heaters with stable energy-saving effects, which can achieve energy savings of 100% while ensuring stable operation. Forty to fifty percent.
Of course, energy saving is certainly not only in these aspects, how to make the hollow blow molding machine environmentally friendly, there are more technologies that we need to explore and innovate.

Many hollow blow molding machine manufacturers believe that energy saving is a very important environmental protection breakthrough.

After all, the increasingly scarce energy makes us need new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies to deal with. How to use this hollow blow molding machine to produce the required plastic products through environmentally friendly technology, and at the same time, on the basis of ensuring the production efficiency of the hollow blow molding machine, effectively reduce the use of hollow plastic products to achieve recycling, thereby achieving resource recycling use. In the production process of realizing the environmental protection of the hollow blow molding machine, it can realize cost savings and expand profits for the manufacturers of plastic products.
After reading this article, if someone asks whether the production process of the hollow blow molding machine is environmentally friendly? Then you can tell him for sure:

Yes! If you have a plan to produce large plastic hollow products, the hollow blow molding machine is a choice that can bring you long-term benefits.