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Mold Test Steps and Precautions of Hollow Blow Molding Machine

July 02,2022

When installing a new mold or replacing a mold, the test mold of the blow molding machine is an essential step before it is officially put into production. The quality of the mold test results will directly affect the future production effect of the blow molding machine. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the correct operation steps during the mold trial process, and to record the relevant technical parameters in the mold trial process in real time, so as to lay the foundation for the smooth production and operation of the hollow blow molding machine in the future.

1. Have a detailed understanding of blow molds
If conditions permit, in the process of mold test of the hollow blow molding machine, you can cooperate with the design drawing of the mold to understand all aspects of the blow mold and conduct a careful analysis. The blow mold engineers can participate in the mold trial work together, so that they can find the problem in time, so as to provide them with a certain reference and direction for improving the mold design.

The molds of Bekwell Plastic Machinery are independently developed and produced. Technically, the numerical control system is adopted to reduce the processing error, improve the technological level of the mold, and at the same time ensure the high quality of the blow molded products. The selection of the mold is also very important for the normal operation of the blow molding machine.

2. Check the coordination between the relevant parts of the blow molding machine and the mold

Pay attention to whether the following phenomena exist
Is it scratched?

Are parts loose?
Is the movement of the die-direction skateboard stable?
Are there any leaks in the water and gas pipe joints?

If the above problems can be checked before the mold is installed, the problem can be avoided after the installation is completed, and the waste of man-hours caused by disassembling the mold can be saved.

3. Choose a suitable trial extruder
Before choosing an extruder, make sure that the preparation of the die has been completed

When choosing, you should pay attention to:

What is the extrusion volume of the hollow blow molding machine?
Whether the inner distance of the tie rod is placed in the lower blow mold
Whether the moving stroke of the movable template of the hollow blow molding machine meets the requirements
Are other tools and accessories for mold testing ready?

After everything is confirmed, you can proceed to the next step – hanging the mold.
When hanging, it should be noted that the blow mold should not be removed before the blow mold is completely fixed, so as to prevent the clamp template from loosening or breaking and the mold falling. After the mold is installed, the mechanical movements of each part of the mold should be carefully checked.

After the inspection is completed, the mold opening and closing operation can be performed. At this time, the mold closing pressure should be lowered, and attention should be paid to observe and listen to the manual and low-speed mold closing actions to see if there are any unsmooth movements and abnormal sounds.

.Increase mold temperature

Select the appropriate mold temperature according to the raw material properties and the size of the mold required for the production of blow molding products, and increase the temperature of the mold to the temperature required for production. Mold temperature is also an important step in the production process of hollow blow molding machines, which has a certain impact on the quality of blow molding products. How to control the temperature of the mold.

After the temperature reaches the production requirements, the action of each part must be checked again, because the steel may cause the phenomenon of clamping after thermal expansion. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the sliding of each part to avoid strain and vibration.

After all the hollow blow molding machine trial operations are successfully completed, the blow molding mold can enter the formal production; if there is any abnormality, it should be modified in time.