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Usage of Blow Molding Machine in the Automotive Industry Industry Series

November 01,2023

The series of blow molding machine  for the automobile industry are used in the production of various automotive supplies and parts, automotive air ducts, deflectors, bumpers, tail fins, bus seats, cooling water tanks and various specifications of oil pots and other products.


Suitable for producing different kinds of car urea box, tool box, automotive seat, auto air duct, auto flow board, bumper and Car Spoilers.

·Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating die head.

·According to the different material, optional JW-DB single station hydraulic screen-exchanger system.

·According to the different product size, customized the platen type and size in differently.

·Optinal hydraulic servo control system.

·Optinal bottom sealing and take-out robot.


The hollow blow molding machine starts to work, there are some points that need to be paid attention to in below mention fact.

1. According to the requirements of the process conditions, set the temperature of the extruder head of each heating section and heat it to reach the set or require temperature.

2. Start the machine at low speed, check the screw, ammeter, pressure for abnormalities, and avoid cold start.

3. When each part reaches the require temperature, check and tighten the bolts at the joints of the machine head to prevent material leakage.

4. Gradually add a small amount of material. After the parison is extruded normally and the values displayed by each control device meet the process requirements and the screw speed can be increased to meet the process requirements.

5. Add a large amount of materials to adjust the thickness of the parison.

6. After the parison extrusion is getting stable, enter the normal operation.