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What are the advantages and usage of PET sheet

December 20,2022

PET sheet is a new type of plastic product developed in recent years. It is a thermoplastic product. It is odorless and tasteless after burning, does not produce toxic gases, has high transparency, no water ripples, no crystallization points, no directionality, and no whiteness. High degree, strong oil resistance and chemical resistance, good toughness and rigidity, good impact resistance.

Advantage of PET sheet:

1. It has good bending resistance and high impact strength, which is several times that of ordinary materials.
2. It is not easy to react with other chemical substances.
3. Water, liquid, edible oil and gas are easy to block and not easy to penetrate.
4. Transparent color and anti-ultraviolet penetration.
There is no doubt that it is non-toxic and can be directly used in food packaging.

It can also be applied in other areas:

1. Plastic film: such as packaging film for food, medicine, and sterile items; there are also packaging films for precision instruments, electronic products, and large machinery.
2. Plastic bottle packaging: such as bottled water, mineral water, beverage bottles, daily oil, seasoning bottles, daily chemicals, etc.
3. Precision instruments for household appliances: such as electronic connection wires, integrated circuits, various switch casings, control casings, TV accessories, etc.
4. Mechanical equipment in the chemical industry: machine parts, chains, frames, etc.