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What are the applications of POE

December 13,2022

At present, POE has been widely used in auto parts, wires and cables, mechanical tools, household items, toys, entertainment and sporting goods, hot melt adhesives, photovoltaic packaging materials and other fields.

Application in Photovoltaic Industry

Compared with transparent EVA film, multi-layer co-extruded POE film has greater advantages. The water permeability of the multi-layer co-extruded POE film is low, which is close to 1/5 of the EVA film of the same thickness, which can greatly improve the weather resistance of the module. At the same time, the co-extrusion POE film has the advantages of EVA film in the production process, that is, the component production yield is high, the production efficiency is high, and the film itself is easy to save.

Other main application as follow:

1. PP modification
Blending with elastomer POE to improve the impact performance of PP, the modified and toughened PP can be applied to automobile bumpers, automobile door panels, home appliance casings, plastic accessories for office stationery, and PP jelly cups.

2. Improve the performance of PP/PE recycling
PP/ PE recycling, adding POE blending pelleting, can be applied to plastic pallets, plastic turnover boxes, plastic tool boxes, plastic office chair accessories, beach chairs, etc.

3.Color masterbatch or filler masterbatch
POE is used as a carrier in masterbatches or masterbatches or as a substitute for PE wax, which can improve the quality of masterbatches or masterbatches.

4. Hot melt adhesive
POE can replace EVA to produce high-grade hot melt adhesive, and the product can achieve no odor, low density, high flow coating, good wettability, etc., and can also be used together with EVA.

5. Cable material
POE can replace EVA, EEA or EPDM for the insulation of non-PVC cable sheath materials; in addition, POE has a low rate of change in hardness and strength, and can replace EVA or be used together with EVA to produce halogen-free flame-retardant cable materials.

6. Membrane products
Such as PE film, based on POE/LLDPE/CPP blending.

7. Non-woven fabric
In order to improve the softness and drapability of spunmelt nonwovens, it is necessary to select suitable polyolefin elastomers and add other functional additives during the production of nonwovens. Through formula design, adding a certain proportion of elastomer can greatly improve the performance of non-woven fabrics, and the product weight can also be greatly reduced. Its softness, static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient will be significantly improved.