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What are the products of blow molding?

May 05,2022

blow molding products mainly refer to products formed by using a blow molding machine to inflate the hot melt parison closed in the mold with the help of gas pressure called a plastic molding method.

Today, let’s talk about the products of blow molding.

Compared with injection molding, the mold used for blow molding has only a female mold and a concave mold. Compared with injection molding, the equipment cost is lower, the adaptability is stronger, and the molding performance is good.

Depending on the type and use of the blow molded product, this processing method can produce many blow molded products.

Such as chemical barrels, plastic trays, water floats, cosmetic bottles, toiletries bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, pesticide bottles, pesticide barrels, vegetable baskets, fruit bowls, plastic cups, plastic bowls, plastic basins, mineral water barrels, mineral water bottles, beverages Bottles, food cans, beverage cans, seasoning cans, bulk containers, auto parts and more.

Blow molded products of products include biaxially oriented products, which greatly reduce production costs and improve product performance.
In addition, there are multi-layer blow molding, compression blow molding, dip coating blow molding, foam blow molding, three-dimensional blow molding, etc. Products include: packaging containers, large-capacity storage barrels, storage tanks, and collapsible containers, medicine, food packaging, product packaging containers, etc.

With the development of economy, blow molding products are more and more widely used in all aspects of people’s production and life. However, due to the different materials, production processes and performance of blow-molded products, especially some blow-molded products are toxic, improper use will cause poisoning or cause serious consequences, so blow molded products must be used scientifically and correctly.

During the molding process, the raw material polymer is first subjected to high shear force when passing through the die, and then the material exhibits the phenomenon of extrusion expansion and shrinkage. When a sagging parison is formed, its expansion rate is close to zero.

 The parison is then blown against the mold, presenting a low expansion rate.

To understand the performance of blow molded products, distinguish whether it is toxic or not. It mainly depends on what material the plastic is made of, and whether there are plasticizers, stabilizers and other plasticizers added to the product. Generally, plastic food bags,milk bottles, buckets, water bottles, etc. sold in the market are mostly made of polyethylene plastics, which are lubricated to the touch, the surface is like a layer of wax, easy to burn, flame yellow and dripping wax, while having a paraffin odor.

Industrial packaging plastic bags or plastic containers are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride, which is added with plastic additives such as lead containing salt stabilizers. When touched by hand, it is sticky, not easy to burn, extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, and the flame is green. Servings are heavy, and this plastic is toxic.