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What development trends will China's PVC flooring industry have in the future

November 02,2023



1. Speed up development

China's lower labor and raw material costs have laid a solid foundation for domestic enterprises to produce PVC flooring. The vast market and rapidly growing demand attract more and more enterprises to enter the PVC industry. It is expected that in the few years, the growth rate of  PVC floor production  and sales will exceed that of any other material floor, and it will become one of the fastest growing characteristic economies.

2. Wider range of applications

Except for public places, the natural light weight, flame retardant, moisture-proof, and non-slip characteristics of PVC flooring make it the most popular decorative material in the future. In addition to being widely used in public places, it will also enter the home improvement market on a large scale, and the scope of application will be further expanded.

3. More environmentally friendly and healthy

With the continuous optimization and improvement of technology and processing technology, PVC flooring will become more environmentally friendly and healthy, its safety will be continuously improved and improved, and its resource utilization efficiency will be higher. It will become the most popular recycled high-quality decorative material.

4. The technical requirements for installation are getting higher and higher

The unlimited requirements for the safety of decorative materials and the insatiable pursuit of decorative effects will greatly change the simple installation process of the existing PVC floor. In order to better display the colorful decorative effects of PVC flooring, the requirements for the technical level of installation companies and installers will become higher and higher, which will promote more mature PVC construction technology and more standardized industry.

5. Industrial division of labor is becoming more and more obvious

Similar to the development process of domestic PVC in recent years, imported brands have relatively standardized and systematic sales and installation systems, and their division of labor is very clear. Raw material suppliers are very familiar with materials and performance, and are the best construction organizers. One of the industry's most notable features. In the next few years, the same will be true for domestic PVC manufacturers, who will not only be the suppliers of PVC flooring, but also the best construction guarantee for PVC flooring.