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What indicators are the main concerns of blow molding machines – matters needing attention when purchasing blow molding machines?

July 04,2022

The blow molding machine itself has many components, parameters, indicators and other components.

 This is what we need to consider when choosing to buy a blow molding machine, but we do not need to know all the parameters very well. We only need to understand the main components of the blow molding machine. Which indicators to pay attention to, it is enough to understand some parameters that need special attention.

What are the main indicators of the blow molding machine ?

 What are the precautions for buying a blow molding machine?
Select blow molding machine equipment according to production needs
Blow molding machine equipment that produces different products is different in configuration, performance and parameters, so we need to know our production needs and choose equipment with a targeted understanding.

Blow molding machine quality

Check the equipment for damage, wear, and safety hazards. The quality of the equipment also includes the operation problems of the equipment and whether the production operation is smooth and normal, which are all within the scope of inspection.

Blow molding machine equipment configuration

The equipment configuration mainly includes auxiliary machines, parts, and process parameter values of the equipment. The same type of blow molding machine equipment, even if it comes from different manufacturers, does not differ too much in the configuration and process parameters. The difference lies in the performance difference of the device configuration.

The equipment configuration with good performance, in addition to making the blow molding machine more stable, the auxiliary equipment configuration of some equipment can help the blow molding machine to complete the production task with energy saving. Therefore, the auxiliary configuration performance of blow molding machine equipment is one of the indicators we need to pay attention to.

After-sales service

After-sales service is a concern for all products, especially for large equipment such as blow molding machines, after-sales service is even more important. After understanding the performance of the equipment, it is necessary to learn more about the after-sales service that the equipment manufacturer can provide. The more perfect the after-sales service is, the more guarantees we have, which can help us avoid many unnecessary costs and problems.

Bekwell, in addition to providing custom design and production of basic blow molding machine equipment, equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance are also within the scope of our after-sales service. We will make judgments and adjustments in real time according to the actual situation on site. Until the equipment can meet the requirements of normal operation.

In addition to the above points which are the main indicators of blow molding machines, Bekwell also has some suggestions for equipment purchase: the acceptance criteria of blow molding machines, the scale of blow molding machine equipment manufacturers, the level of technical experience of blow molding machines, etc. , At the same time, we should also consider and take the suggestions given by the technical personnel of the manufacturer.