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What industry is the blow molding machine mainly used in?

July 05,2022

With the improvement and optimization of blow molding technology, the application of blow molding machines is becoming more and more extensive. Bekwell will tell you what industries blow molding machines are mainly used in and what they can do in different industries? What is the purpose?

In the early stage of development, blow molding machines were mainly used in the field of packaging.
You can make some simple-shaped plastic buckets, plastic water tanks, plastic bottles and other plastic containers. The industries used and the products produced are relatively single.

With the improvement of technology, more and more products can be produced, and the industries used are more and more popular. The industries that blow molding machines can be used in include: industry, food packaging, pharmaceutical industry, transportation, public environmental facilities, chemical industry, etc.

Blow molding machine used in industry

The previous blow molding process has been further optimized to produce multi-layer plastic industrial containers with various shapes and complex structures.

Blow molding machine used in food and cosmetic packaging

The packaging industry mentioned here mainly refers to the food packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc. that we come into contact with in our daily life. The packaging products in these industries are mainly blow molding to produce some small plastic containers, such as beverage bottles, milk bottles, plastic boxes, cosmetic plastic containers of various shapes, and medicine bottles of different sizes.

Blow molding machines are used in the transportation industry 

Production of road traffic facilities of various uses and shapes, including: crash buckets, water horses, roadblocks, warning posts, fences, pallets, etc.

Blow molding machines are used in public environmental facilities
It can also be said to be environmental protection facilities. Environmental protection facilities such as mobile toilets and septic tanks can be produced by blow molding machines.

Blow molding machine used in chemical industry

The chemical industry mainly needs containers for holding chemical liquids, such as double-ring barrels and IBC ton barrels, which are all within the production range of blow molding machines.

In addition to the application industries of the above blow molding machines, blow molding machines can also produce products used in other fields, such as: plastic parts, plastic pipes, plastic films, etc.

Bekwell supplies all kinds of large-scale, single-layer, multi-layer and fully automatic blow molding machine equipment, and can provide different blow molding machine design, production and configuration plans according to different products.

According to the needs of different production fields, we have also made relevant recommendations for you.

What industries are blow molding machines mainly used in?

 It can be said that there are many fields that can be used, of course, not only in the above industries and products, the technical level of the blow molding machine can already meet the equipment customization, and the related product blow molding machine production equipment can be customized according to the production needs of the products.