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Why Bekwell Blow Moulding Machine

December 16,2021

Multiple industries and outside manufacturing companies depend on advanced extrusion blow moulding machinery. Without the right machine, there would be no way to produce superior quality products and we, at Bekwell, provide quality over quantity. Let us go through the advantages you will get for using Bekwell’s machine.


In a continuous process of improvement, we have developed PLC with brands like Beckhoff & B&R which helps to monitor energy consumption along with total and phase-wise power. Upgrading our system has many other advantages. With this, you will be able to save approximate 2% on electricity which is very important for product cost reduction. We use the highest quality PLC which has a complete touch screen.


Another advantage of using Bekwell blow molding machines is that you can operate the machine from remote places without hassle. You can monitor machine activity through LAN connection sitting conveniently in your office same way it helps to overcome all most all the problems arising on the machine. Yes, this is possible with a proper internet connection. We have developed a new program having In/ Out swapping facility. It eliminates machine breakdown due to card failure. This will also help reduce your inventory.
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Bekwell blow molding machines core strength is its sturdy and robust gearbox. With our aim to provide the best to the customer we provide a gearbox from Flender gearbox which is made with the highest precision. These are ISO standard cases hardened to 58-62 HRC hardness. These gearboxes are custom made to our requirements. These are class 5 gearboxes that indicate the highest quality and performance.


Bekwell blow molding machinery have set the example of quality and service provided. We have spares on the shelf to overcome any difficult situation and all the critical parts can be made available with minimum lead time. Our machines are one-time investment products because of less wear and tear of the products as major of our products are multinational company’s products such as Yuken, Festo, Moog etc. Our machines prove stability, rigidity, productivity and best at power consumption as compared to other manufacturers.
The quality of the machine is proving to be stronger and stronger as most of the parts are being manufactured under our roof under strict quality control. In addition time to time, we provide software updates at no additional cost. Our motto is customer satisfaction to the core.


This is one of the best advantages of the CMP blow molding machine. Using advanced PLC technology, we can check the machines online during your breakdown. This helps to reduce customers’ breakdown time. With this feature, we can start and run the machine overseas without any physical presence


As Bekwell bottle making machines are designed using the best product, the running maintenance cost of the machine is too low. As per our survey, there are Bekwell blow molding machines in working condition which were manufactured in 1990. This is how we give huge savings to our customers. The power consumption of our machines is low as compared to other make blow molding machines. The per-unit cost of Bekwell extrusion blow molding machines is less and helps the customers to save on electric expenses


Less cycle time and higher production are the major components playing a role in the competition. We at CMP have been constantly working to optimize the combination of both time and production. Our blow molding machines are designed in such a way which fulfils both the requirements of customers. We have been continuously working on the best engineering technology available around the globe to optimize time and increase productivity.


This is another good feature of Bekwell blow molding machines. Our structural designs are compact and space-saving. Bekwell save your floor space as compared to other automatic blow molding machines. Hence once again it helps customers save on the per/sq.ft cost of industrial units.
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With an advanced energy module, it is possible to control the temperature with accuracy up to +/-0.5 degrees compare to +/-2 degrees on machines supplied by other manufacturers.
There are two aspects of extrusion blow molding machine energy savings. Including the power part and heating part.
Energy savings for power part:
Adopt inverter. The energy savings way is to save the residual energy of the motor, and the frequency converter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve an energy; savings effect.
Energy savings for heating part:
The energy savings of the heating part is mostly energy savings by introducing heaters, and the energy savings rate is about 30% – 70% of the old resistance coil.
Our machines give 15% addition power saving factor with the addition of IE4 grade motor developed by us. Which is proven at our end.


CMP blow molding machines are very easy to use and handle. The plc and other features of the machines are designed in such a manner that it does not require a highly qualified engineer to operate the machines. Various applications have been simplified to understand and run the machine.


At CMP, we conduct various training sessions for our blow molding machines. This helps our customers to get their operators trained before starting the machine. Different technical seminars are being conducted at intervals of time to educate the operators, maintenance supervisors etc
With all these advantages, we hope that we have cleared why we are the best of the rest while buying the Extrusion Blow Molding Machine.
Just remember, as per your requirement and convenience, you need a better understanding of the machine required for your firm. If you need any assistance, feel free to call our customer support at our contact details given at the main menu of our website.